" My partner is my left hand and my doula is my right"
- Doula's Making a Difference
Being your doula means being an open ear to hear your desires and fears about labour and birth. Someone you can count on to supply you with resources and information. The person you can lean on (literally) when you need some extra support. The one to remind you and your partner that you're making the best decisions for your family. 
The journey to becoming a parent is an exciting time, its also a very personal and intimate time. When hiring a doula it is important to find one you are comfortable with. Choosing a doula isn't quite like interviewing for an ordinary job, it's more like interviewing a new best friend, in this case a birth friend. Someone who will see you in a vulnerable time and  make you feel comfortable. I encourage all potential clients to interview more than one doula so they're able to find their perfect birth person. 
If this is you're first pregnancy and you're looking for more information or you're a mama looking for a different outcome this time around, I'm here to help!

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