Hey I'm Sarah,

I know first hand how confusing and exciting parenthood can be. It is my goal to help parents find their own unique style and voice and to help them advocate for the births and lives they desire for their children. I believe that by creating a village of support and having access to evidence based information and resources sets the pace to allow families to thrive,


Becoming a parent and raising a child can leave at us at our most vulnerable. As your Doula I will guide you through this, help you find your voice and keep things light so we can have some laughs along the way!

Why I became A Doula

"My goal is to help women feel confident about their preferences during pregnancy and any changes that occur during labour and birth. Being informed and prepared is the foundation to having the birth you are hoping for."

-Sarah Williams

I was working at an OB/GYN & ultrasound clinic in Red Deer, I realized birth work was something I wanted to do. During my few years at the clinic I was able to work alongside the Sonographers learning about the different stages of fetal growth, building relationships with patients, watching as they progressed from conception and pregnancy to postpartum.
I decided I wanted to continue learning about all things birth related, so I did some research and found a Doula training through DONA International. Since taking that course I have learned how to support women emotionally and physically through each stage of pregnancy, labour, and postpartum. I have also attended the Lamaze Childbirth Education course, to learn even more ways to support and inform parents.