Birth Doula Packages

Whether you are planning on a natural birth at home or at the hospital, a medicated birth or a cesarean, a doula can be by your side. If you have questions about any of the following packages please don't hesitate to contact me.

The Essential

The Basic

 - Initial Consultation

- 2 hour prenatal meeting

- On-call care from hire to birth (phone, text, email)

- Full attendance at delivery

- 1 postpartum visit

- Initial Consultation

- 2 hour prenatal meeting 

- 4 hours childbirth education   (1-2 visits)

- Personalized birth preferences design

- On-call care from hire to birth (phone, text, email) up to a month after birth

- Full attendance at delivery

- 2 postpartum visits

Customize It
$600 +
If you don't see a package that works for you, we can easily create a plan that is unique to your needs.
All packages include:

-Full access to lending library 

- Use of comfort tools; Peanut ball, birthing ball, massage tools etc,

- Back-up doula if necessary

*Payment plans and bartering options are available upon request.

Childbirth Education Packages

Bringing home a newborn can be scary! Whether its your first or fifth childbirth education can help prepare you for whats to come next. Every pregnancy and birth is different,  know your options and feel confident with evidence based

First Time Parents

Welcoming your first baby can be
nerve-racking. This course is designed to help prepare you for life with your new little one. 
Course is 4-6 hours (2 in home visits)
We'll cover:

- How to prepare yourself for childbirth during pregnancy to encourage an easier, shorter, and less painful birth

- Informed Choice - making choices that are right for YOUR family

- Reducing fear to have a positive experience

- What to expect during labour & childbirth                             including common interventions

- Signs, symptoms, and stages of Labour

- Comfort measures & relaxation techniques

- Pain relief options (including natural & medicated            options)

- How your partner / support people can help

- Postpartum care and recovery, including Postpartum       Depression

- Newborn care, including soothing techniques, sleep,        diapering, & more!

- The essentials to help get breastfeeding off to a Good    Start

Second time or more (Refresher)


Designed for parents that have previously attended childbirth classes, putting more emphasis on life with multiple children.
Course is 2 hours, we'll cover;

- How to prepare for labour and

   childbirth during pregnancy

- Comfort measures & relaxation                     techniques

- Pain relief options (including both                 natural & medicated options),

- postpartum care for parents, newborn &     siblings

- Postpartum recovery

-  Adjusting to parenting and life with a          larger family,  including sibling                       transitions and adjustment

- Essentials for breastfeeding Including         breastfeeding with more than one child

*In home classes are offered at a discounted rate while I continue to work toward certification. Contact me to find out more!